The Feature is Female

“In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.”
Sheryl Sandberg

It’s no secret that at Rethink, we have a thing for female entrepreneurs and leaders. We wouldn’t exist without them, so of course we hold them in high esteem. That’s why we’re starting The Feature is Female, a new blogging series all about female entrepreneurs and leaders and their impact on our communities. We often forget that we are sitting in an epicenter of female leadership, so we thought it was about time we reminded everyone. 

Our new series will feature one female each month from right here in our community. The females we will feature will range anywhere from CEOs of corporations to entrepreneurs and beyond. We want to ensure that the women who are working tirelessly to build a life for themselves and a future for this community are being recognized.

Our first featured female will be none other than a packaged deal. A packaged deal that followers of our page may be familiar with. We will shine a light on Rethink’s very own fearless leaders Corie Royer and Susan Till. This dynamic female team has managed to run a successful advertising business that is going on its twelfth year of existence. With years of experience in the sales and marketing world, these two bravely chose to branch off and start their business in 2011. With blood, sweat, tears, and a few drinks, these two have come out on top…but that’s a story for next month.

Check back in with us in March (i.e. Women’s History Month) as we officially begin our new venture: The Feature is Female. After all, the future is female, so we might as well feature a few of the greats along the way.

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