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Turn you’re out of office on and your outdoor speakers up. Online audio is the new and improved way to hear your business’ ads all summer long.

Summer is a time for relaxing on the beach, enjoying a long boat ride on the lake, roasting a marshmallow or four, or just soaking in the sun every chance we can get, before it’s back to pale skin and hoodies. While music may be a part of our everyday lives, summer is the season of music, whether we realize it or not. As certain holidays tend to have songs dedicated to them, how often do you listen to a song and think, “this reminds me of summer”? During the summer months, more people tend to travel for vacation and are more “out and about” compared to the other seasons. In fact, Veritonic did a survey and found that 78% of respondents are likely to listen to music or a podcast while doing summer activities. This leaves a perfect opportunity to have all of the online listeners, choosing not to pay for a subscription, to hear you and your business! 

Everyone loves traveling in the summer, especially in the months of June through August, which is when traveling is the most popular. This is when people will listen to music on streaming apps like Spotify and IHeartRadio. These apps will tend to receive a lot of attention from people who do choose to travel in the summer. Both of these streaming apps also offer podcasts which is another source of entertainment that people enjoy listening to while traveling. 

For those that choose to listen to music through the radio in their car, stations like the Bob & Tom Show are another place for your advertisements to be heard. Those who choose not to drive to where they are vacationing, will still use these apps while flying. Airports can tend to be very chaotic and there may be a lot of standing around while waiting for your flight or luggage. In this same survey that Veritonic did, they found that 66% of respondents claimed to listen to streaming audios while waiting in line at an airport, and 51% claimed to be more likely to listen to podcasts. Music and podcasts are both excellent ways to kill time and to make things a little less boring.  This is another reason that streaming apps get so much attention in the summer.

But how does this pertain to your business? That’s easy! Advertising on platforms like Spotify, iHeartRadio, and others is easier now than ever, and summer is the perfect time to try it out. Let’s say your company works to sell camping supplies. What better customer to have than someone who enjoys camping? Or let’s say your business really wants to increase their back to school sales for the year, you can use online audio to start reaching your consumers far before they even realize it’s that back to school time of year. There are so many great ways to utilize online audio for your business, you just need to find what works for you. In the meantime, crank up those summer jams and just relax. It is the summer after all.

Every vacation looks different, just like every advertisement looks different! I think it’s safe to say that music and podcasts play an important role wherever you go. Your company can be heavily advertised through streaming apps people love and use all summer long. So this summer when you’re traveling, or the next time you’re on vacation, look around to see how many people have headphones on, earbuds in, or a speaker next to them, and then you’ll be able to understand better why summer really is the season of music.

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