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Are you ready to reveal what artists, songs, and podcasts ruled your listening this year? Well if that’s the type of wrapped you’re looking for, take it to the little green app, because this here wrapped, is purely for the likes of Rethink Media.

If you can even believe, 2023 has come and nearly gone, and with it has come great memories, tough, new challenges, and record-breaking campaigns. At the closing of each year, we like to take a look back to see what all we’ve accomplished, as well as look forward to the year to come. So buckle up. The 2023 Rethink Wrapped is ready to go. 

Our Digital Marketing department had one of its best years to date. With impressions soaring, clicks rising, and campaigns multiplying, our digital marketing was hotter than even in the year of 2023. With products like Social Mirror, OTT, and Native Display, our clients were able to reach customers near and far on a variety of platforms using various strategies.

What makes our digital marketing different from any other in the area? That’s simple: the results. And the proof of that, as they say, is in the pudding. Check out our Digital Marketing Wrapped below:

Digital Marketing Wrapped:

  • Total Number of Impressions Served: 38,481,329
  • Total Number of Clicks on Ads: 161,284
  • Total Digital Campaigns Run: 128

How many times do you think you were served an ad from a Rethink digital client? It could have happened…38,481,329 times.

The other major player in the digital game is, of course, social media. It’s everyone’s friend, some people’s foe, and a must for all businesses. This year, much like in year’s past, we saw the masses flocking to social media for everything you can imagine.

There is power in social media, and because of that, we place a special emphasis on how to best utilize it for our clients. That becomes evident in this year’s Social Media Wrapped. Check it out below:

Social Media Wrapped:

  • Total Number of Impressions Served: 4,367,726
  • Total Number of People Reached: 564,570
  • Total Social Media Campaigns Run: 388

Not only did our clients’ social media pages thrive in 2023, our Rethink pages did as well. Between Facebook and Instagram, and even a little bit of TikTok, our Rethink social has never been better. Check out our Rethink Social Wrapped below:

Rethink Social Wrapped*:

  • Facebook Reach: 39,190
  • Facebook Visits: 3,752
  • New Facebook Page Likes: 54
  • Instagram Reach: 1,507
  • Instagram page Visits: 391
  • New Instagram Followers: 40
  • TikToks Created: 17
  • TikTok Views: 7,509
  • TikTok Likes: 381

*All content displayed for Rethink Social is organic

Social and digital aren’t the only things that we do here at Rethink. We have a very robust Traditional Advertising department that can help with your company’s radio, television, and billboards! What’s great about Rethink is that we truly are looking out for what’s coming next and how it will affect you.

Take 2024 for example. Experts are projecting it to be the largest election in United States history, so what will that mean for television advertising? That answer is simple. It means your company’s ads will be bumped to make room for all those politicians running for office. We know that, so we try to steer you toward the right thing for your business. We never want you to spend your hard earned money on something that isn’t going to benefit your business in the long run.  

In other, very exciting, news, Rethink is making some rather large changes in the New Year, and although we can’t quite say what they are right now, we can say that these changes are only going to enhance our brand and how we do things. If you’re interested in what’s to come, make sure to keep up with us! Changes are set to roll out January 1! 

2023 was a year truly like no other here at Rethink, and we have high hopes for 2024. With all that changes year after year, there is one thing that always remains true, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the clients who trust us with their brand and business, so as we wrap up our year, from the bottom of our hearts, we say thank you.

2024 is loading…and big things are on the way. Stay tuned!

Thanks for spending this year with us! We can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store.

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