AI, Yi, Yi

“AI is a tool. The choice about how it gets deployed is ours.” – Oren Etzioni

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is a form of computer science that is dedicated to creating programs that replicate the way a human being thinks. In recent years, these types of programs have caused quite a stir in the business world and in our very own personal lives. From Microsoft, to Google, to Zoom, and beyond, all the major tech brands are getting in on the AI of it all, but how much is too much? Let’s find out.

There is no question about it, AI saves time. On a personal note, I use AI (specifically ChatGPT) to help streamline the process of my calendar and content creation. As a Social Media Manager, I am coming up with ideas for content constantly, and sometimes you need a little bit of a fresh perspective. AI has helped give me and millions of others just that. I simply pull up ChatGPT and enter in a prompt such as “Please give me slogans for a company who sells windows.” and within seconds the computer generated dozens of results. Just. Like. That. Pretty cool, right?

AI is an incredible tool that people from all career paths can utilize. Need help on an email? AI can do that. Want to summarize your Zoom meeting in seconds? AI can do that. Need to put your numerical information into a nice, structured table format? AI can do that. There truly are so many great things you can do with AI, and as exciting as that is, I’m here to give you a different perspective.

AI is all fun and games until it becomes all of the artificial and none of the intelligence. Allow me to demonstrate. Below is a result pulled directly from ChatGPT from a prompt that reads “Please give me a detailed email to a client thanking them for taking time to meet with us.”

AI Generated Response: 

Subject: Appreciation for Your Time and Insightful Meeting

Dear [Client’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for taking the time to meet with us earlier [today/yesterday/date]. Your insights, perspectives, and expertise were truly invaluable, and our team gained a lot from our discussion.

During our meeting, I was particularly impressed by [specific aspect or insight discussed], which highlighted your deep understanding of [relevant topic or industry]. Your contributions not only provided clarity but also sparked new ideas and avenues for us to explore moving forward.

Additionally, I wanted to extend my appreciation for the open and collaborative atmosphere you fostered throughout our conversation. Your willingness to share your experiences and challenges helped us better understand your needs and objectives, allowing us to tailor our approach to better serve you.

As we discussed, we are committed to [specific action or next steps agreed upon during the meeting], and I assure you that we will prioritize these initiatives to ensure their successful implementation. Rest assured, your feedback and input will guide our efforts as we work towards our shared goals.

Once again, thank you for your time, engagement, and valuable insights. It was a pleasure meeting with you, and I look forward to our continued collaboration and partnership.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or require additional information.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Position]

[Your Contact Information]

It’s a well written email, right? But it’s also not something a normal person would write. It starts to feel cold and robotic. Something that sets humans apart from robots is the fact that we are just that, human beings. We have the ability to connect. When we take that away by turning to communicating directly through robotic responses, we lose our human advantage. 

Sticking with the window company theme, let’s look at another ChatGPT response. Below are ChatGPT’s results when prompted with “Please give me social media caption ideas for a post about new windows.”

AI Generated Response: 

  • “Let the light in! 🌞 Excited to unveil our brand new windows that brighten up every corner of our space. #NewWindows #LetTheLightIn”
  • “Transforming our view, one window at a time. 🏡✨ Discover the beauty of our latest window installations! #WindowUpgrade #HomeRenovation”
  • “Out with the old, in with the new! 🪟✨ Say hello to our sleek and energy-efficient windows. #NewLook #FreshWindows”
  • “Bringing the outdoors in with our stunning new windows! 🌿🪟 Explore how we’re enhancing our space and connecting with nature. #IndoorOutdoorLiving #WindowRevamp”
  • “Windows that steal the show! 🎉 Our latest additions not only elevate the look of our home but also boost energy efficiency. #HomeImprovement #WindowGoals”
  • “Seeing the world through a new lens – our gorgeous new windows! 🌍✨ Join us as we embrace a brighter, clearer view. #ClearView #NewPerspective”
  • “Elevating curb appeal, one window upgrade at a time. 🏡✨ Discover the difference our new windows make in enhancing the beauty of our home. #CurbAppeal #WindowUpgrade”
  • “Windows that make a statement! 🪟✨ Step inside to experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and energy efficiency. #StatementWindows #HomeTransformation”
  • “Every room deserves a window upgrade! 🪟✨ Explore how our new windows are enhancing the ambiance and comfort of our living spaces. #RoomRevamp #WindowUpgrade”
  • “From drafty to dreamy! 🌬️➡️😍 Our new windows not only keep the cold out but also elevate the aesthetic of our home. #DreamWindows #EnergyEfficient”

What’s most impressive with these results, besides the sheer volume of them, is the number of hashtags. Any one who works in social media knows that hashtags still work, but they can be a pain to come up with. AI takes that guess work out. What AI does poorly, in my professional opinion, is the overuse of emojis. I can spot an AI generated caption a mile away just from the amount of emojis used, and no, I’m not kidding. Most people use emojis, I know I love to throw one or two in sometimes, but not on every post, and never more than two. There are no rules with AI and emojis. They love them. Especially the rocket emoji. Most human beings, barring that of a NASA employee, aren’t turning to the rocket emoji for comfort. AI, however, that’s their favorite one. 

With all that said, I am pro-AI, believe it or not. It makes mine, and so many others, jobs that much easier and efficient. It has 24/7 availability, is unbiased in its decision making, it adds flair to those with repetitive jobs, and overall, it’s just fun to work with at times. AI isn’t the enemy, but we do have to filter ourselves when working with it, because too much of a good thing can backfire sometimes.

Here’s the best thing about AI, it’s still new. Yes, it’s a few years old now, but it takes most people time to adapt to something so complex and innovative. They will make changes, and eventually, AI will be even better than it is. Maybe by the time it turns 10, it’ll have more of a human connection and it won’t leave us scratching our heads thinking AI, yi, yi.

How often are you using AI?

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